Glimpses of ICAPIE

The International Conference on Advanced Production and Industrial Engineering (ICAPIE) is aimed to promote synergetic partnership between academia and industry and also to show case the growth of cutting edge technology developed in recent past in the areas of Production and Industrial Engineering. ICAPIE assembles the best talents in the academia & research institutions, industry experts, management professionals, engineers and executives to collaborate and address the current challenges in Production and Industrial Engineering, to seek new windows for discovery and exploration. It is an invitation to all scientist, engineers and technologist to create new paradigm using the new knowledge, vision and scientific intellect.

First conference ICAPIE 2016 (Dec 9-10, 2016) , second conference ICAPIE 2017 (Oct 6-7, 2017)  and third conference ICAPIE 2018 (Oct 5-6, 2018)  were held successfully at Delhi Technological University. The organisers  are grateful to all authors and participants who have made significant contributions in the form of their papers. We also like to thank the reviewers for their comments and suggestions which helped in improving the quality of the papers. We hope that ICAPIE 2019 conference also will prove to be a great success with the academia, researchers and engineers.

Dr. Ranganath M. Singari


Delhi Technological University